Thursday, 14 December 2017

Having fun

Didn't get the chance to blog last week, but I've been caught up in Fonda Clark Haight's workshop "The Down Deep". So much fun that is, I'm learning a lot.

One of the techniques we learned is making prints with deli paper, and then searching for creatures in there. Well, that of course is one of my favorite pass-times :-)

Here's the first one I did.
Starting from this background:

and ending up with this:

The weird thing is: I saw these figures so clearly when I started, but when I looked a the picture of the background the next day I couldn't find them anymore. It could've been a completely different scene if I had waited a day :-)

Here's another spread I did, which started of with a childhood memory and some collage:

I had no idea what to do with it so I just scribbled and painted and collaged a bit more all over it:

Bit of a mess, but at least I could find some figures now:

way too busy, so I calmed down the background with gesso:

and finished it:

The last one is another deli paper print (that might just become my new favorite technique ...)

Starting from this mess:

finding a few heads:

bringing them out:

cleaning them up ....

and finishing it (kept finding more figures):

My painting is standing neglected on its easel .... And it might stay like that for a while longer :-D.

Well, I'm looking forward to seeing what everybody has been doing on Paint Party Friday. Thanks for your visit! Here are some funnies to end with a smile :-)

 winter has well and truly started here .... yuk!

Some to think about ....

That's it for this week! I'll be back next week for the last time this year. Hope you're having a really nice day! Take care, and enjoy the weekend! ♥ ♥ ♥

Thursday, 30 November 2017

the last month of the year!

Wow, how this month has flown by! Winter has definitely started here, my least favorite season ... We had our first snowflakes today, yuk!

To celebrate the start of a new month I made another wallpaper, with "wintery" colours ;-)

You can download it here if you want to!

I had more time this week to paint. Next week is looking busy again so I had to take advantage of my free time. The negative space painting has the first layer finished, I'll need to go over it again at least one more time I think. It's only now that I realize there's not as much colour as usual on this canvas. This is where I am now:

I also signed up for a workshop, even though I can't really spare the time now. But it's a workshop by Fonda Clark Haight, and I happen to love her work, so I couldn't resist. It's called the Down Deep and very interesting! Here's the progress of a piece where we had to create a background and then search for figures, and use symbols that have meaning for us.

It started out like this:

my favorite colours, but it turned into a big mess ...

 saw two faces in there so I brought them out

 thought the big red blob in the middle looked a lot like a broken heart

 trying to quieten down the background

 hmmmm .... :-\

 decided to turn the hand into the symbol for healing, and added the Kanji sign for peace. At least: I hope I didn't distort it too much, so that it still stands for peace ...

 adding more colour because that was waaayy too grayish for me ... And some collage


It was fun working intuitively again. There are so many lessons I still want to make, hope I find some time this weekend.

I added more items to my Society6-shop, but still didn't get all of my mapfaces in there. I'm still working on it though, I'll get there!

That's it for now! Except for the weekly dose of funnies of course :-)

isn't this sweet .... ♥

and the ones to think about:

Linking as always to Paint Party Friday.

Thanks for your visit! Wishing you a lovely day, and a nice and relaxing weekend! See you next week ♥ ♥ ♥